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Green Tech Experts

The professionals at Calafata Construction have over ten years of experience in the green construction industry with deep specializations in solar electric systems installation.

Green Tech = Good Tech

At Calafata, we work hard to maintain our expertise in all facets of the green building process, from solar electrical work to LEED certified building projects.

Environmentally Sound

The green choice is no longer the expensive option in construction. We pride ourselves in our cost effective green solutions throughout the building process.

Commercial Experience

We have built small projects up to immense jobs. This has given us a deep understanding of commercial space and enjoy large projects.

Residential Experts

Calafata Construction built it’s roots through residential electrical and construction projects where we honed our exacting standards.

Strategic Partners

Calafata Construction enjoys a strategic partnership with Sunwize Solar and is the preferred Solar Installer for the entire Southwestern Region.